13 May 2017

Charity Fundaiser: Saving Music LIVE for music in schools



Long version:

I don't know about you, but I was lucky enough to have robust music programs in school all the way from preschool to senior year. Music and the arts add something to our lives that honestly beyond measure--but not wholly intangible either. 

From 14-20 May, dozens of musicians will be performing on [Twitch] to raise money for the [Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation], an organization that helps promote and facilitate music education in schools. Participating streamers can be found by searching "Saving Music Live" or checking out the [Music Community]. Out goal is to raise at least $3000, but I think we can smash that!

If you donate at least $10, you will receive a download code for an exclusive, 26-track album of streamers covering original music by other streamers. [Streamer Song Swap vol. 1] is packed with amazing songs, interpretations, and production. I am unspeakably proud to be a part of it! My song "Frank's Song (So Long and Thanks For All The Fish)" was covered by Grey Sky Symphony (SlothTimeLord) and closes out the album. I had the absolute pleasure of covering Ryan Samuel's (Maalstromme) "In the Picture", a wistful song that reminded me so much of the rainy day I learned to play it that I included a rainstorm effect as an instrument track.

The site we're using, [CrowdRise], has a minimum donation of $10. If you just don't have the scratch to spare, don't despair! You can donate any amount via PayPal [directly to Mr. Holland's Opus] and while you may not get the album early, know that after the event the album will be completely free to download on Bandcamp. It's set to private now, but bookmark the [album page] to check back when it goes free to the public!

If you are able to donate and wish to receive an early copy of Streamer Song Swap vol. 1, don't forget to include "Metricula" in the comment field of your donation so that I can make sure you receive your download code. If you're on Twitch, one of the admins will whisper the code to you. If you aren't on Twitch or have any problem whatsoever receiving your download code, make sure you leave "Metricula" in your comment field and contact me via blog comment, Facebook message or comment, [Twitter @], [Twitch whisper], or email. 

Please help me make this a success, and make sure to follow [SavingMusicLive] on Twitter for updates.

Not signed up for Twitch? Do it! It's also the week of the 24/7, 18-day [Mister Rogers' Neighborhood] marathon/fundraiser for PBS so now is a great time to check out the site. <3>

Wanna know more about the album? Here's a YouTube teaser trailer of all the songs!!

[Preview of "Frank's Song (So Long And Thanks For All The Fish)"] - SlothTimeLord covering Metricula
[Preview of "In the Picture"]  - Metricula covering Maalstromme