18 November 2015

Please Make Cathedral in the Clouds a Reality

My favorite arts and games studio, [Tale of Tales], is in the final hours of its lastest [Kickstarter].

The project is a virtual cathedral meant for exploration and contemplation in a digital age, and will be an ongoing project that will be offered FREE to everyone.

I'm not a religious person, but I think freely accessible digital art like this NEEDS to happen. They're over 75% funded as of this post, and with a push in these final seven hours I think we can make this into a (virtual) reality!

Please--if you can--toss a couple dollars to the project. Signal boost if you aren't in a position to donate! Everything will help. Let's make this happen!

Bonus perk: the $39 "Overzealous" reward tier includes download links and Steam keys (where applicable) to ALL of their games!

[Cathedral-in-the-Clouds on Kickstarter]