18 November 2015

Please Make Cathedral in the Clouds a Reality

My favorite arts and games studio, [Tale of Tales], is in the final hours of its lastest [Kickstarter].

The project is a virtual cathedral meant for exploration and contemplation in a digital age, and will be an ongoing project that will be offered FREE to everyone.

I'm not a religious person, but I think freely accessible digital art like this NEEDS to happen. They're over 75% funded as of this post, and with a push in these final seven hours I think we can make this into a (virtual) reality!

Please--if you can--toss a couple dollars to the project. Signal boost if you aren't in a position to donate! Everything will help. Let's make this happen!

Bonus perk: the $39 "Overzealous" reward tier includes download links and Steam keys (where applicable) to ALL of their games!

[Cathedral-in-the-Clouds on Kickstarter]

23 September 2015

HB 297 - Punishing Women and FRACKING EVERYONE

[Disturbing News from the NCGA]

"[Chad] Barefoot (R-Wake, sponsor of #HB297) said he believes that his bill would stop entirely the donation of fetal tissue from abortions, even if it was given for free."

And this:
"A separate section of the bill codifies a provision of the recently passed state budget that prohibits the Department of Health and Human Services from contracting with any health care provider for family planning or other services if that provider performs abortion."
If you support these measures, you are reducing the care available for women, men, AND nb who need cancer screenings, STD testing, birth control, hormone therapy, prenantal care(!), and so much more.

This is a public health issue and a human rights issue. People seek abortions for a number of reasons, and not a single one is my business.

If I had become pregnant even as recently as a few years ago, I would have absolutely sought an abortion. I wanted to wait to have children when I could provide an even somewhat stable home; there's never a "good" time to have kids, but some times are better than others.

I know women who kept their unplanned--but not unwanted--pregnancies and love their child(ren!). I know women who miscarried wanted pregnancies. I know women who aborted wanted pregnancies due to fatal fetal abnormalities. I know women who aren't sure what they'd do.

Would I want to force a 14-year-old girl to carry a baby to term against her will? Never. Would I want to force a 33-year-old mother of two? Never.

Would I support you in your decision to keep a baby or terminate the pregnancy even if you've yelled anti-choice obscenities at me in front of a clinic. Always.

31 August 2015


Photo by Jim Worley

Y'ALL. Excite.

I'm booked to perform on the [filk track] at [DragonCon 2015]!!

If you're going to the con, you can keep track of me or get more info on my solo shows with this [Facebook event - Metricula at DragonCon 2015]! That way I want be spamming my feed with too-too many things. :)

Also, I got interviewed by Andrew McKee on the [Everything is Filk] track lead-up podcast. It was a blast!!

Ooh, and I got a few hundred of the sweet, sweet promotional wristbands with "free geek music at metricula.com" printed on them. Find me at the con to get one for you and one for a friend! Or another one for your other wrist!

So, my schedule:

Filk Track Events I'm Definitely Going To
This is stuff I plan to be physically at. The bolded events are my solo sets, and the stuff with asterisks are events where I will be in character for sure!

  • 1pm, Hyatt Baker - What is Filk?
  • *2:30pm, Hyatt Baker - Filk Meet and Greet
  • 5:30pm, Hyatt Baker - Filk and Cookies
  • *12am, Hyatt Hanover C-E - Metricula's Filthy, Adults-Only Midnight Campfire Sing-a-long (NC-17)
  • End of performer sets until, Hyatt Baker - Open filking

  • 2:30pm, Hyatt Baker - Instafilk!
  • *7pm, Hyatt Hanover C-E - Nerd-a-longs with Metricula (PG-13 or safer)
  • End of performer sets until, Hyatt Baker - Open filking

  • 2:30pm, Hyatt Baker - Instafilk Part Two!
  • End of performer sets until, Hyatt Baker - Open filking

  • 11:30am, Hyatt Baker - Filk for the Road and Lessons Learned

Other than these, I'm planning to be at as many of the track events as possible--especially the shows! I'm also particularly excited about Andrew McKee's mixing and master primer workshops.

If you use the Dragon Con App, my profile is publicly searchable as "Madison Metricula". Let me know what you must-see events are!

12 January 2015

KickStarter: Tales of the Weird, Wild West

I just backed this, mostly because I adore the people involved. At any rate, I want more Cowboys vs. Alien style hotness.