29 December 2014

Metricula's Schedule: illogiCon, 9-11 Jan 2015

illogiCon 2015 is coming up!

Besides being an apprentice to the illustrious Programming Director, Gerty, I'll be appearing in and out of character at some of the panels, workshops, and shows.

Metricula/Madison's Schedule:

  • 5pm - On the Shoulders of Giants
  • 8pm - Knitting and Crochet for Cosplay
  • 8pm-10pm - Open Filking
  • 10pm - Smutty FanFiction
  • 11pm - Mary Shelley’s Marvel

  • 10am - Introducing Sci-Fi for the Younger Generation
  • 11am - Women’s First Time Gaming Workshop
  • 5pm-7pm - Open Filking
  • 10pm - Nerd-Vana Burlesque and Variety Show

  • 12pm-2pm - Geek Arts and Crafts

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