14 August 2014

Madichard Wedding: The Unity Cocktail

All photos by [Amy Allen Photography]

Instead of a unity candle or handfasting, Richard and I opted to mix and drink a unity cocktail during our ceremony. We worked with our amazing officiant, Joy, and her partner, Jamie to mix the drink and the figure out the symbolism before hand.

  • One part Barenjager Honey Liqueur for sweetness and whimsy
  • One part Maker's Mark Bourbon for "fiery passion"
  • Two parts ginger beer for setting down roots and stability to bind it all together
We used some glasses and bar ware from home and mini-creamer pitchers to pre-measure the liquids before the ceremony. Richard and I took turns adding an ingredient, and then Joy topped it off with ginger beer and gave it a stir. She poured the drink into our glasses and there we go!


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