13 August 2014

Madichard Wedding: Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cake

All photos by [Amy Allen Photography]

For the wedding, Richard came up with the brilliant idea of skipping the cake and going for doughnuts! The Krispy Kreme was right up the street from the [venue], so we arranged to have hot'n'nows picked up an hour or two before our noon wedding.

As with our ersatz North Carolina meets Asian paper products theme, we had our friends stack the doughnuts and decorate them with paper cocktail umbrellas! Some of the paper fans are in the background as well. We had a picnic basket full of them in case it was warm outside during the ceremony (but mainly they were SUPER fun!).

The color theme was loosely orange and turquoise, so there was a coordinated little surprise on our cutting doughnut.

We served them on color-themed cocktail napkins. The doughnut cake was low-key, fun, super economical, and reflected the light-hardheartedness of our wedding without being tacky. I think we got twenty dozen for our wedding of 160 guests and there were a couple boxes left for people to take home. I think the cost was less than $125 for the treats, and I spent maybe $35 for the cupcake tiers and platter.

I would definitely do it again!

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