14 August 2014

Madichard Wedding: The Fresh Cut Bouquet

All photos by [Amy Allen Photography]

I had so much fun making my bouquet! I knew I wanted a messy, wildflower feel and my original concept involved Black-eyed Susans and Queen Anne's Lace. We had a warm run right before the wedding, so most of the Queen Anne's Lace was pretty toasted the day before the wedding. Oh well!

For the other flowers, I went to the big State Farmers' Market near my house and bought a few six-inch pots of perennials for about $4-6 each. Bonus feature: I have them ready to get planted in my flower bed out front.

The final mix was:
  • Rosemary from my garden
  • Lavendar sprigs and flowers from my garden
  • Two kinds of Black-eyed Susans
  • Coreopsis in butter yellow and orange
  • Purple Echniacea

We cut the flowers just minutes before walking down and bound them up with twine. After the ceremony, I set them in a vase on our table until the bouquet and garter toss melee. I adored that it was seasonal, colorful, informal, fragrant, and SUPER fresh.

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