14 August 2014

Madichard Wedding: What I Wore

All photos by [Amy Allen Photography]

I got my wedding dress for $149 from [Modcloth]. I loved it! We was hot and muggy, so the light fabric was perfect and not clingy. That said, the dress was on the sheer side. I had originally planned to wear a supportive slip or a long-line bra and a slip but nothing looked right under it. Solution? No underwear! It was cooler anyway but it made the removal of the garter a little more exciting for Richard. I did wear one of those [adhesive bras] to keep a bra-like shape. I already had one at home, but they retail for $20-$30 at fabric stores. The dress was also low in the front, so it was nice to be able to stick the bra at the right height and know it wouldn't move.

I got my [shoes] super-on sale at Belk's for about $20. I wanted flats because I have a floor length dress and I think it's cute to be so much shorter than Richard. And I love heels but I didn't want to have to change my shoes if my feet got tired. At my friend Ashley's recommendation, I went with a blushy pink color instead of trying to match the whites and ivories in my dress. I loved them! They're also very re-wearable with jeans and skirts.

I kind of forget to order a garter until the week before. I had originally intended to get a cute one off Etsy, but the window had passed. The ones available on Amazon either looked weird or cheap or completely not in the right size for my luscious thighs. Fortunately, Ashley had given me a ribbon-tie garter when Richard and I first got engaged and it was lovely! Very easy to wear and still elastic. I also got my lace glovelettes and hair band from Ashley's stash and they both fit in so well with my dress! The only jewelry I wore was a mermaid necklace Richard gave me on our six-month mark. I had seen it at DragonCon a few months prior and picked it up for me as a surprise. (I was named after the mermaid in Splash, like so many '85ers.

I have a very short pixie/undercut courtesy of Ellen at [PLUM Hair Atelier], so I did my own hair for the wedding. I painted my own nails with the toes in Zoya's [Beatrix] and the nails (which I keep VERY short) in [Liberty]. Both are textured matte glitters. I did my own makeup as well since I wanted to look like myself. I wear cat-eye style eye-liner very frequently, so I did a think single line in black and a thin line at the lashes in an electric blue (matched my nails!) to end in a double wing. I also used Ardell [#301] accent lashes to compliment my own. False lashes really help your eyes show in pictures! The half-lashes look very natural in person. Pro-tip: do all the eye make-up first in case something goes horribly awry. I'm pretty comfortable doing that sort of makeup, so I didn't hit any snags. I skipped the eye-shadow and opted for layered foundation, creme blush in bright pink, and powder. I went with a sheer coral over my lips for a matte pink effect.

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Madichard Wedding: The Unity Cocktail

All photos by [Amy Allen Photography]

Instead of a unity candle or handfasting, Richard and I opted to mix and drink a unity cocktail during our ceremony. We worked with our amazing officiant, Joy, and her partner, Jamie to mix the drink and the figure out the symbolism before hand.

  • One part Barenjager Honey Liqueur for sweetness and whimsy
  • One part Maker's Mark Bourbon for "fiery passion"
  • Two parts ginger beer for setting down roots and stability to bind it all together
We used some glasses and bar ware from home and mini-creamer pitchers to pre-measure the liquids before the ceremony. Richard and I took turns adding an ingredient, and then Joy topped it off with ginger beer and gave it a stir. She poured the drink into our glasses and there we go!


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Madichard Wedding: The Fresh Cut Bouquet

All photos by [Amy Allen Photography]

I had so much fun making my bouquet! I knew I wanted a messy, wildflower feel and my original concept involved Black-eyed Susans and Queen Anne's Lace. We had a warm run right before the wedding, so most of the Queen Anne's Lace was pretty toasted the day before the wedding. Oh well!

For the other flowers, I went to the big State Farmers' Market near my house and bought a few six-inch pots of perennials for about $4-6 each. Bonus feature: I have them ready to get planted in my flower bed out front.

The final mix was:
  • Rosemary from my garden
  • Lavendar sprigs and flowers from my garden
  • Two kinds of Black-eyed Susans
  • Coreopsis in butter yellow and orange
  • Purple Echniacea

We cut the flowers just minutes before walking down and bound them up with twine. After the ceremony, I set them in a vase on our table until the bouquet and garter toss melee. I adored that it was seasonal, colorful, informal, fragrant, and SUPER fresh.

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13 August 2014

Madichard Wedding: Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cake

All photos by [Amy Allen Photography]

For the wedding, Richard came up with the brilliant idea of skipping the cake and going for doughnuts! The Krispy Kreme was right up the street from the [venue], so we arranged to have hot'n'nows picked up an hour or two before our noon wedding.

As with our ersatz North Carolina meets Asian paper products theme, we had our friends stack the doughnuts and decorate them with paper cocktail umbrellas! Some of the paper fans are in the background as well. We had a picnic basket full of them in case it was warm outside during the ceremony (but mainly they were SUPER fun!).

The color theme was loosely orange and turquoise, so there was a coordinated little surprise on our cutting doughnut.

We served them on color-themed cocktail napkins. The doughnut cake was low-key, fun, super economical, and reflected the light-hardheartedness of our wedding without being tacky. I think we got twenty dozen for our wedding of 160 guests and there were a couple boxes left for people to take home. I think the cost was less than $125 for the treats, and I spent maybe $35 for the cupcake tiers and platter.

I would definitely do it again!

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