19 July 2014

Dream journal

Dream last night: we were having some kind of party at someplace like my grandmother's house (it featured my paper decorations) and we cleaned the back yard. There was a weeping angel statue in the back of the yard. It “infected” some guests and my brother and I started rushing everyone inside and telling them not to blink. I had to kill one of the guys and then we tried to barricade the door. But it turns out the guy was just playing a prank!


There was also a very vivid dream with MTV's Daria that involved going to a hippie couple's hotel room and then a wild chase away from a guy and a girl through the woods and then there was a hamster? I managed to evade them through a series of warehouse-like storage rooms. And then someone gave me a key for any lock and I could escape and go steal a flashy little car but then I became friends with the guy chasing me that I may have killed earlier. Oh, and I outran the police by going so fast in the car that it was flying so they gave up. The hamster and I walked off into the woods next to the plastic surgeon's place in the strip mall.

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