07 March 2014

Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps

I had the pleasure of seeing celtic/Arthurian/folk/etc. musician [Heather Dale] and her musical partner Ben Deschamps live for the second time last night.

What an amazing show! She does a great job of combining storytelling and music--very much a modern troubador who spend months out of the year on the road. I'm always blown away by their combination of art and spot-on technical skill both in music and vocals.

Anyway, I wanted to mention that she has a [completely free live album] called Perpetual Gift. I'm not usually much of a live album enthusiast, but this one is really good. The sound quality and execution is very much like their studio albums because they're such awesome, consistent, professional performers. It combines the energy and storytelling of her live shows with great recordings of some of her most popular songs. It's a perfect introduction to her music.

So go [download] it! Burn it! Put it on USB sticks!

She's also got (at the time of this post) fifteen more days on an IndieGoGo campaign to help launch her [Celtic Avalon] project. It's a touring musical/mixed performance art touring show of the King Arthur story. It will be combined with an educational component AND you can get a professionally produced concert DVD of the show!