30 December 2013

Minta Durfee Shrug

My friend was in the middle of knitting this cute shrug pattern when the blog that was hosting it fell off the internet. I managed to get a snapshot from the Google cache and save the pattern into a .pdf. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this.

The shrug is a re-write of a 1912 pattern for modern knitters by Elizabeth F. It's knit flat with worsted weight yarn and then seamed under the arms.

[Pattern .pdf]

The [original Ravelry info] is still up.

03 December 2013


Filk-lesque: one of those annoying blend portmanteaux that describes what I've been doing all year. I perform musical acts of an often nerdy bent at burlesque, variety, and cabaret-style shows in Raleigh, and the rest of the Triangle and Triad. I usually perform in clown-style full face makeup, but I've also appeared in my own skin and in drag!

Check out my [videos and music]!

There are also TONS of pictures on my performer Facebook page and a list of upcoming shows.

Photo by Patrick Kirby

14 July 2013

Snuggles for Shelter Animals

I was browsing [Ravelry] and came across the [Snuggles Project].

The Snuggles Project encourages people to knit, crochet, sew, or otherwise fashion small, machine-washable blankets for animals in shelters and rescues. You take the Snuggles to your shelter/rescue of choice on your and then report it back to the site to say you participated in the project.

I've been working some cat-sized (14x14 inch to 24x24 inch) blankets for the often beleaguered Wake County Animal Shelter. If anyone would like to join me, let me know and I can drop off a bundle. I'm almost up to one square yard of Snuggles knit! It's a TERRIFIC stash-buster for all that bulk acrylic I have lying around. Since I'm still a fairly simple knitter, it's also been a great way to practice more complicated stitch patterns (and by complicated I mean more complex than a 1x1 rib :P). I'm starting on a fisherman's rib blanket and it's SQUISHY.

Scrap yarn Snuggle!

[Snuggles Patterns] has lots of plushy stitch patterns to try!

And finally, a spreadsheet of my [running Snuggle yardage].

19 March 2013

Headband with I-cord Ties

Nothing fancy, but I LOVED the [Frog Tree Ewetopia] yarn I picked up at [Warm 'n Fuzzy] in Cary.

[Pattern .pdf]

08 January 2013

Fingerless, Asymmetrical Skull Mittens

My first attempt at duplicate stitching! Because skulls are TOTALLY RAD!

[Pattern .pdf]