25 October 2012

So what if it wasn't for my car?

Today I went into an Advanced Auto Parts in Cary to buy some car wax.

A 50- or 60-something gentleman approached me amiably as I was picking out a wax and exclaimed, "A girl is going to do this?!?"

I didn't feel especially chatty so I just smiled and nodded, saying, "Sure!"

He then proceeded to mansplain to me what hard "elbow work" it was. I answered with something about it being good exercise and he told me I was pretty and already in shape. I kept trying to politely return to comparing waxes but finally just had to walk away.

I didn't even bother telling him that I was buying wax to restore some worn knitting needles because I was so tired of the conversation and didn't want to feed into his "Aw, isn't that cute? It's standing on its hind legs!" thing.

He wasn't being intentionally rude (and I didn't take it as such), and I could have cut the conversation short less politely when polite wasn't cutting it, but sheesh.

Here's a picture of my waxy needles!

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