04 August 2012

Rule 34: There are no exceptions.

[Rule 34]: if it exists, there is porn of it.
So the most interesting thing I learned all week is that there's a lesbian, D/s, puppy play porn based on the [A. R. Gurney play] Sylvia.

Sylvia (the play) is a story about a guy, Greg, who finds the titular dog in the park and brings her home to live with him and his wife, Kate. Hilarity and strife ensue. Sylvia is played by a human woman but is an actual dog in the world of the play.

Sylvia (the porn) is a story of a Kate and her lesbian partner and the adventures and sex they have with their puppy slave, Sylvia. Sylvia is played by a human pretending to be a dog but is actually a human. (If you're unfamiliar with puppy play, there you go.)

The porn was directed by my favorite feminist pornographer and sex-positive activist [Madison Young]. The fact she has a Sylvia porn makes her even more awesome. She did a very articulate [interview at The Rumpus] in May (link semi-NSFW).

Young's Sylvia DVD is on sale at her [online store] (link definitely NSFW).

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