27 December 2011

Finally tracking down that song you heard one time on the radio

Sometime during my freshman year of college (I'm dating myself but this was 2003), I was home visiting my parents for a weekend and I heard part of a song on the radio. I think the station was WUIN ["The Penguin"] or a cultural predecessor to WUIN and it was before the time when you could easily find station playlists online.

Anyway, I hear this acoustic-type song with female vocals and the words "Oh, my baby". A few months later I emailed the station to see if they knew what I was talking about and they offered a song that fit the description but wasn't really what I was looking for.

That song was "Right in Time" by Lucinda Williams and she became one of my favorite artists ever.

So I still thought about that other song periodically but now it's the end of 2011. I share a lab with another woman, and we take turns picking out radio stations or podcasts to listen to at work. Sometimes we listen to the Yahoo! Radio coffee house mix. A couple weeks ago, I heard "Come to Jesus" by Mindy Smith playing and IT WAS THAT SONG.

I haven't really listened to commercial radio since high school except for that one summer where I worked in a greenhouse and I listened to [100.7 The River], so apparently I missed the moderate success of Mindy Smith.

But yeah, I've experienced a rare kind of resolution and I keep thinking about Little Pete and how he never found that band again.

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