28 March 2009

NC Renn Faire!

Today my hetero-lifemate and I went to the [NC Renn Faire] at its new location in some Wake Forest peoples' backyards.

It was so fun! I love the Faire anyway and it was great to get to wear my princess dress. Pictures? Yes.

I made a new friend! He tried to teach me to juggle but I wasn't quite picking it up. I ate Friar's Fish and Chips, an apple turnover, and a glass of some kind of ale. At the Tir na Nog stage I heard two different renditions of "Old Dunn Cow," which was great. I love Faire performers!

There was also a woman selling anoles at the "Baby Dragon Orphanage" and a guy who made a chainmaille harness for his ferret. There were also tumblers, belly dancers, and magicians plus all the usual vendors.

We did get trapped at the Faire for a while because of the rain and it was pretty muddy. But no matter! You can't stop me from wanting to look at all the shinies over and over.

The Faire continues on weekends until next Sunday.

I leave you with a video of me, my friend, and my sweet hat:

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