09 March 2009

March Flora Watch

From [madisonsflowers.com]:

I took a walk this past Saturday around N.C. State's campus, J.C. Raulston Arboretum, and my own Gorman Street to see what's what right now in the landscape. I'm not sure if we're safely out of danger from frost yet between the alternating snow and eighty-degree weather, but it's definitely spring. I saw lots of yellow and white blossoms plus the beginnings of new leaves of a lot of the shrubs and some of the trees. By the way, the stinky-but-pretty (and overplanted, frankly) bradford pears ([Prunus calleryana 'Bradford']) are also in bloom so that's probably the source of any random smells of decay.

Highlights are up at [madisonsflowers.com] but here's a preview:

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