05 February 2009

Enabling Facebook RSS feeds in SweetCron

The "For Dummies" version of enabling facebook RSS feeds in [SweetCron] lifestreams:

Finding the RSS feeds for your personal status updates and posted items approaches unintuitive. Log into facebook and go [this filter]. In the lower righthand sidebar there's a box saying "Subscribe to these updates" or something close to it. Click it. You'll also want to get your posted items feed URL and that's much easier to find. Go to your posted items page and it's a similar format to the status updates.

Copy this URL and enter it in the "Add New Feed" section of your SweetCron dashboard. Before you hit enter, change all three instances of & in the URL to %26 so the SweetCron GUI won't be angry at you.

Here's the catch: you need to go back into your database and edit the %26 back to &. You could enter the feeds directly into the database, but if you aren't used to doing that sort of thing (like me), you can do it this way. I use 1and1 hosting, so I logged into my customer control panel admin and clicked to MySQL administration. The "phpMyAdmin" button next to your SweetCron database takes you right where you need to go. From there's it's pretty easy to click on the "feeds" option in the left sidebar and edit what you need.

After that, you can treat it like any other feed in SweetCron!

I think there's an RSS for your facebook notes as well, but I haven't added it yet.


Nabucodonozor said...

OR, you could simply enter the facebook feed into FeedBurner, get a FeedBurner feed URL, and enter it in Sweetcron. Works like a charm.

Metricula said...

Thanks for pointing that out! It's much simpler

SmashcraB said...

This doesn't seem to work anymore, I can't find my status update rss feed anywhere now :(
Any ideas?