12 November 2008

You can read my Livejournal with OpenID

I blog about my personal life on my livejournal but it's currently screened for friends only.

You don't have to be a formal livejournal user to read my livejournal--you can use [OpenID]!

If you use blogger/google, wordpress, Yahoo, AIM (here's a [list of providers]) or a host of other online applications you're already an OpenID user and already halfway authenticated to read and comment on my livejournal.

To use livejournal with OpenID:

1. Login to livejournal using the "login with OpenID" link in the top right hand corner and use whatever format you prefer to log in.

2. Once logged in, go to Friends>>Manage Friends on the dark blue menu bar at the top of the page.

3. Add "metricula" (or any other lj users you might know) as a friend by typing it into the given field.

4. Save your settings!

5. Bookmark [http://metricula.livejournal.com] or if you have multiple friends on livejournal you can use your "friends page" link above the blue menu bar to track them all. And as long as you're authenticated to livejournal those friends-only entries will show up on the rss feed of the journal.

It should notify me of your request, but you can also leave a comment on the "Friends Only" banner post on my livejournal. Once I add you back as a friend you'll be authenticated!

Unfortunately there isn't an easy way of getting protected livejournal entries to show up in some RSS aggregators like Google Reader so you'll have to pop by livejournal to see what's up.


Unknown said...

Ew. LJ.




Metricula said...

LJ is where I put all my blithering and blubbering. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.