26 August 2008


Once, when I still lives at my parents' house, I was pulling a blank CD-R off a mew spindle of Imations. The one beneath it was labeled "PENIS" in all-caps with what I assume was a black Sharpie.

I took it and checked it in the drive--blank. I must have been maybe fifteen and my brother was a couple years younger. As amusing as the penis cd was, I threw it away. I didn't want either of us to be blamed for writing "penis" on something, let alone being caught using a cd labeled "penis" to store anything.

Now, I would have flaunted finding a penis cd and put some very special music mix on it.

What would you use a penis disc for?


Unknown said...

I'd put pictures of my penis on it and keep it for a rainy day.

Metricula said...

Maybe it's good I don't have a penis. It would be ALL over the internet by now.

I don't know how you guys stop yourselves.

...oh wait, y'all don't.

mantispid said...

You know how you have files you want to keep secure?

Well, a PENIS disc is good for exactly the opposite. ;)