27 August 2008

Natural habitats

"The currency of Haiti, by the way, is based on the American dollar. Whatever an American dollar is worth, that is what a Haitian dollar is worth, and actual American dollars are in good circulation. There seems to be no scheme in Haiti, however, for retiring worn-out dollar bills, and replacing them with new ones. So it is ordinary there to treat with utmost seriousness a dollar which is as insubstantial as a cigarette paper, and which has shrunk to the size of an airmail stamp.

"I found one such bill in my wallet when I got hrom from Haiti a couple of years ago, and I mailed it back to Al and Sue Seitz, the owners and host and hostess of the Oloffson [Hotel], asking them to release it into its natural habitat. It could not have survived a day in New York City."

-Kurt Vonnegut, in the introduction to Deadeye Dick

26 August 2008


Once, when I still lives at my parents' house, I was pulling a blank CD-R off a mew spindle of Imations. The one beneath it was labeled "PENIS" in all-caps with what I assume was a black Sharpie.

I took it and checked it in the drive--blank. I must have been maybe fifteen and my brother was a couple years younger. As amusing as the penis cd was, I threw it away. I didn't want either of us to be blamed for writing "penis" on something, let alone being caught using a cd labeled "penis" to store anything.

Now, I would have flaunted finding a penis cd and put some very special music mix on it.

What would you use a penis disc for?

25 August 2008

Does he count?

"Therefore, my beloved, avoid idolatry" (NAB).

15 August 2008


I love the colors.
It's also kind of scary.

06 August 2008

Celebrating Human Variation


"The Human Variation project is an art blog designed to discover and celebrate the beauty inherent in diverse human bodies. The project is based on the simple premise that every body is beautiful by virtue of being human, and that every body has a basic aesthetic value that should be celebrated and appreciated."